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Description of the principle and mode of industrial water chiller refrigeration cycle

Anyone who knows about industrial water chillers should know that it uses compressors to achieve the cooling effect. So, how does it work when refrigerating?

1. Vapor compression refrigeration cycle.

After cooling and pressurizing the vapor from the evaporator, it is recondensed into a liquid, and then evaporated again, so that it continues to circulate, which is the vapor compression refrigeration cycle. Industrial water chillers adopt this refrigeration method, and the principle of vapor compression refrigeration cycle is realized in this way.

Fill the industrial water chiller with the refrigeration medium in a sealed system. After the liquid working fluid is throttled and depressurized by the throttling device, it will vaporize and absorb heat at the middle pressure in the evaporator to become low-temperature and low-pressure steam, and then pass through the compressor. Adiabatic compression into high temperature and high pressure steam, liquefaction in the condenser to release heat, and then enter the throttling device, thus completing a refrigeration cycle.

2. Absorption refrigeration cycle.

The absorption refrigeration cycle utilizes the heat energy provided by the heat source to make the working medium circulate. Its working principle is as follows: it replaces the compressor with components such as absorber and generator, and uses two working mediums. The working medium with low boiling point is called refrigerant The high boiling point working fluid is called absorbent, and the functions and principles of other components are basically the same as the vapor compression refrigeration cycle.

There are two loops in the absorption refrigeration cycle of industrial water chillers. Its working process is: after the liquid refrigerant is throttled and reduced by the throttling device, it evaporates and absorbs heat at the middle pressure in the evaporator and becomes low-pressure, low-temperature refrigerant vapor. After entering the absorber, it is strongly absorbed by the absorbent to form a high-concentration refrigerant solution and release heat of dissolution. Then the refrigerant solution in the equipment is pumped into the generator, heated by the heat source to produce high-pressure refrigerant vapor, which is sent to the condenser to be condensed into liquid refrigerant, and the remaining dilute solution in the generator is decompressed Back to the absorber.


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