Application and working principle of water-cooled chiller

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Application and working principle of
water-cooled chiller

The water-cooled chiller is a kind of LNEYA
industrial low-temperature refrigerator in Wuxi Guanya. A single compressor can
achieve -152 degrees Celsius cooling and cooling. Equipment power, size and
temperature range can be customized.

1. Application

Refrigerators are widely used in industrial
machinery processing, industrial cold processing assembly, petrochemical, fine
chemical, and other high-tech industries.

2. Working principle

The gas-phase refrigerant is compressed
into a high-temperature and high-pressure gas in the compressor, and then
enters the condenser, where the refrigerant releases heat and condenses into a
liquid. After the high-pressure liquid refrigerant is dewatered by the dryer,
it passes through the expansion valve to save pressure and turns into
low-pressure wet vapor, and then enters the evaporator to absorb heat and
vaporize into low-pressure gas. The low-pressure gas enters the compressor to
form a cycle. It can be seen that the reasons affecting the refrigerator are
related to the compressor, condenser, expansion valve and evaporator, and in
the refrigerant cycle, the oil-water separator is also a factor that affects
the refrigeration effect. Let’s do a brief analysis below. If the refrigerating
unit is running and the inlet pressure is low and the equipment shuts down, if
the amount of refrigerant is sufficient, the expansion valve will be blocked or
frozen and the refrigerant will not enter the evaporator smoothly, and the
inlet pressure will be low and an alarm will be shut down. And by checking
whether there are impurities in the filter element of the dryer, it can be
judged whether it is a fault of the expansion valve.

Product advantages of water-cooled chillers

1. Safety protection devices: Schneider and
other well-known brand leakage circuit breakers, phase sequence open phase
protectors, liquid level protectors, high and low voltage protectors, high
temperature protectors and other safety protection devices

2. Intelligent computer control system:
Siemens LCD display, display set temperature and control temperature, data
communication interface, USB data export, Ethernet interface, etc.

3. International brand imported
accessories: a full set of imported cold controls, international brand
compressors and circulating pumps, to meet continuous high and low temperature
continuous work, and protect the system from damage

4. Support customization: support
customization, size and pressure customization can be made according to working
conditions, positive pressure explosion-proof and isolation explosion-proof can
be customized, and it can be widely used in dangerous explosive places.


LNEYA focuses on the production of
water-cooled chillers, which can be customized according to working conditions.
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