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Several Attention Aspects of Ultra Low Temperature Freezer

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The performance of ultra low temperature freezer will be reduced naturally due to long-period application in all fields. Thus, Guanya Refrigeration Technology Co., Ltd, leader in ultra low temperature freezer manufacturers has to remind every user to maintain the freezer regularly. So what aspects should be paid attention to?

Because ultra low temperature freezer groups different categories, the maintenance should be varied, among which air-cooled freezer uses air as cooling medium. As the air contains dust within the environment where ultra low temperature freezer stays, some of dust will coagulate on the surface of the fins of freezer. As time goes by, it worsens the heat dissipation effect, especially in rather tough conditions. Therefore, periodical cleaning should be carried out.

The cleaning method of ultra low temperature freezer: using the instruments like compressor are able to clean the dust. If much more dirt is inside, detergent without any corrosive effect can clean heat radiating tube and fins, improving the heat dissipation effect.

As for ultra low temperature freezer, the foundation lays on the incrustation. The cleaning period is decided by water quality, which should be cleaned at least one year due to bad quality; otherwise, two or three years are acceptable. Small ultra low temperature freezer is equipped with extensive-type water cooling freezer can take advantage of acid.

The concrete operational method of ultra low temperature freezer is to demount the freezer, discharge the water, and infuse 10% dilute sulphuric acid solution into it until the solution flows out the water outlet. The dilute sulphuric solution can be discharged after 20 to 30-minute stop over the freezer, and you should repeat this process twice or three times. After that, the connecting pipe between cooling water tube and freezer should be installed. Open cooling water valve to wash for 10 to 20 minutes, and scale prevention and cleaning claim the end.

Of course, when purchasing ultra low temperature freezer, you should keep a watchful eye on the performance and brand of freezer, ensuring a branded one is chosen for better use. Naturally, regular maintenance is required.

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