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Ultra-Low Temp. Freezer

Ultra low temperature refrigerator, also known as the cryogenic refrigerator, ultra low temperature storage box. It can be broadly divided into three parts: Tuna conservation, electronic devices, cryopreservation of special materials, preservation of plasma, biomaterials, vaccines, reagents, biological products, chemical reagents, strains and biological samples.
Low temperature refrigerator is widely used in the industry, same as other refrigeration equipment when using, they all have notice points of their own, Guanya Refrigeration will tell you the knowledge that needed to be appreciated and acquired.
Ultra-low temperature refrigerator are different from other equipment, it has its own environmental conditions. The environment in using must below +32 degrees. The refrigerator tilt should be avoided in the handling process, if necessary, do not exceed 45 degrees. Don't put it near the heat source, and protect against direct sunlight.
In order to keep normal in using,  choose suitable and normal power source. Equip a separate three-phase socket and suitable fuse. What's more, a separate and reliable grounding wire is indispensable, which not connected with gas pipes, heating pipes or water pipe. Do not use the line of single-phase power supply.
The ultra-low temperature refrigerator manufacturer finally has a Final warm reminder: Never forget!  Do not put it in the rain and anywhere that the humidity is over 80%. Once overwetting, it is easy to cause leakage accident, so critical it is. If there is a downtime in the process of operation, it is recommended to start again in 5 minutes, and do not start immediately after shutdown, for the compressor has delayed protection. Pause it for a little while and start it again.

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