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What should I do if the heat transfer oil heater is not enough?

The heat transfer oil electric heating device is also called high and low temperature integrated machine, refrigeration and heating integrated machine, refrigeration heating dynamic temperature control system, and replaces the traditional electric heating device to a certain extent, then the heat conduction oil electric heating device finds heating when it is running. What should I do?

If the high-position oil storage tank of the heat-conducting oil electric heating device is often designed to be too short, this causes the heat transfer oil in the system to oxidize too fast, which leads to insufficient heating. Since the heat transfer oil will accelerate its oxidation rate when it is in contact with air at high temperature, it will breed a lot of asphaltene sludge over time. Once the sludge enters the system, it may block and cause the fluidity of the heat transfer oil in the hot plate to drop. Many companies tend to be helpless after this problem occurs.

One solution is to stop the cleaning. This cleaning method is different from the traditional water-based cleaning. It uses organic solvent to dissolve the coking and sludge in the system into the cleaning agent, and uses a circulating pump to break it up and discharge it. Before cleaning, the system should be cooled to 60 °C, then the heat transfer oil in the system should be completely drained, then compressed air should be connected to purify it, and the residual oil in the system should be purged as much as possible. After the cleaning agent is added through the system oil filling hole and the circulation pump is turned on, the hard coking attached to the inner wall of the device is softened and decomposed by the soaking of the cleaning agent, and completely smashed by the circulation pump. After the cleaning is completed, the cleaning agent is discharged and after being purged with an air compressor, the new oil is added and the temperature is immediately restored to the normal requirement.

Another method is to clean on-line without stopping the machine. This cleaning method is a cleaning method with a relatively wide range of use and relatively cost-saving. The cleaning agent is directly added to the high-position oil storage tank of the heat-conducting oil electric heating device in operation according to a certain ratio. The cleaning agent will follow the heat-conducting oil in the system to circulate and wash by itself, mainly relying on the action of polarizing molecules to quickly penetrate the cleaning agent into the grease layer, and decompose the insoluble oily scale of the macromolecule into small molecules through special chemical action. The oily structure, in the action of the dispersant, the small molecular grease is incorporated into the heat transfer oil, and the oil scale is removed with the physical action of the heat transfer oil circulation, and the old oil is discharged after the system is cleaned.

If the heat supply of the heat transfer oil electric heating device is insufficient, it is recommended to solve it in time, and provide solutions according to the corresponding problems. If the user has other different opinions, welcome guidance. (This article is from the source network, if there is any infringement, please contact Lneya to delete, thank you.)

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