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The Refrigeration Principle of Heating Cooling Circulator

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Heating cooling circulator is the use of limited refrigerant in the closed refrigeration system, repeatedly refrigerant compression, condensation, expansion, evaporation, constantly in the evaporator heat absorption vaporization, cooling.

The heating cooling circulator is the circulation process that moves the heat from the low temperature object (such as the cold storage) to the high temperature object through the refrigerant, so as to cool the object below the ambient temperature and maintain the low temperature. This process is realized by the refrigeration device

The important parameter of the heating and cooling circulator is the coefficient of refrigeration, also known as the performance coefficient of the refrigeration unit, represented by the symbol COP. At a given ambient temperature, the lower the temperature of the cold storage, the smaller the coefficient of refrigeration.

The whole liquid cycle is closed, with the expansion vessel, the expansion vessel and the liquid cycle are insulated, do not participate in the liquid cycle, just mechanically connected, temperature the medium in the expansion vessel is less than 60 degrees no matter the liquid cycle temperature is high or low.

The whole liquid circulation is a closed system. At low temperature, there is no water vapor absorption, and at high temperature, there is no oil mist generation. Thermal oil has a wide range of operating temperature. No mechanical or electronic valves are used throughout the system.

Analysis of refrigeration principle

01.Compressed air refrigeration cycle

Due to the air constant temperature heating and constant temperature exhaust heat is not easy to achieve, so it can not run by the reverse cycle. In the compressed air refrigeration cycle, two constant pressure processes are used to replace the two constant temperature processes of the reverse cycle, so it can be regarded as the reverse cycle. In engineering applications, the compressor may be either piston or impeller type.

02.Compressed vapor refrigeration cycle

The reverse refrigeration cycle of compressed steam can be achieved in theory, but it will appear that the dry state is too low, which is not a positive factor for two-phase material compression. In order to avoid adverse factors, increase the refrigeration efficiency and simplify the equipment, in practical applications often use throttle valve (or expansion valve) to replace the expander.

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