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100L high and low temperature thermostat installation instructions

The 100L high and low temperature thermostat uses coolant as the transmission medium to transfer the heat generated by other instruments or equipment that need to be cooled, and dissipate the heat to the outside of the equipment through the refrigeration system, so as to ensure that the equipment works within the normal temperature range. Between instruments and equipment, a closed medium circulation is formed by the pressure of the water pump in the device, and the temperature sensor detects the temperature of the medium to implement the control of the refrigerator.

The 100L high and low temperature thermostat is widely used in a variety of experimental equipment such as: rotary evaporator, x-ray diffractometer, lcp emission spectrometer, ICP mass spectrometer, graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometer, fluorescence analyzer, electron microscope, production test equipment, CNC machine tools , Laser equipment, etc. This model is an integrated device. The condenser-compressor and evaporator-circulating water pump units are all installed in the same cabinet, and this type of unit is generally installed indoors.

The 100L high and low temperature thermostat should be installed in a laboratory with a good environment. The 100L high and low temperature integrated machine should be installed on a well-ventilated, dust-free and cool solid ground or a test bench to avoid droplets and steam, and avoid possible influx , Where there is stagnation, flammable gas leakage, and near equipment that generates high frequency.


The 100L high and low temperature thermostat should avoid places where acidic solutions are frequently used, and places where special sprayers are frequently used. From the consideration of convenience and safety during maintenance and installation, the space between the indoor unit and obstacles should be ensured as much as possible.

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