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With these points, the use efficiency of the ultra-low temperature chiller can be more efficient

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The structure of the ultra-low temperature chiller is more complicated. Its main function is to provide cold air to the product, which is the refrigeration function. If you want to improve the efficiency of the freezer, you must pay attention to the following issues.

First note: it must be cleaned and maintained regularly.

Clean-up is the most important task in maintenance. Maintenance is a comprehensive and complex task including clean-up work. Companies that use ultra-low temperature chillers must establish complete rules and regulations, that is, regular clean-up and Maintenance, fully guarantee the normal operation of the ultra-low temperature chiller.

Second note: pay attention to frozen lubricants.

Refrigeration lubricant is a necessary medium for compressor operation, and whether the refrigeration lubricant is normal or not determines whether the ultra-low temperature chiller can operate normally. Therefore, high-quality lubricant should be used, and attention should be paid to whether various parameters Meet the requirements.

Third note: pay attention to any abnormal noise and vibration.

Ultra-low temperature chillers are complex equipment. During normal operation, it is inevitable that there will be malfunctions, noises, and abnormal vibrations. This is all possible. Once the noise and vibration are abnormal, do not panic. Of course, stop the machine for inspection, troubleshooting and After solving the problem, start the ultra-low temperature chiller again!

Fourth note: the heat exchanger should not be too dirty.

If it is a water-cooled chiller, it is necessary to check and clean the shell and tube condenser. If it is an air-cooled chiller, the dust and dirt of the fin heat exchanger should be cleaned. Usually the chilled water is a closed circulation system, so as long as it evaporates The device is not particularly dirty and does not need to be cleaned. Secondly, check whether the valve in the chilled water circulation pipeline is open to ensure that the chilled water flow is sufficient. If it is an open circulating water system, pay attention to check whether the filter is dirty or blocked.

The refrigeration temperature range of LNEYA ultra-low temperature chiller is -150°C to -5°C, which can meet the needs of different refrigeration temperatures. When handing it to the customer, there are instructions for each use precaution and installation requirements attached to the cargo box, and there is a special after-sales department to solve the customer’s problems.

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