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Method for controlling shutdown of water cooled chiller of single reaction kettle

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The reaction kettle water cooled chiller has a wide range of accessories and equipment. In actual use, it needs to be provided with regular rest time. In order to maintain the stable performance of the refrigerator during long-term operation, it is necessary for the user to master the method of stopping the operation according to the actual use requirements, and to reduce the excessive wear of the equipment.

1. When it is necessary to shut down, first consider ensuring that the reactor freezer is within the shutdown range before performing all shutdown operations. In order to avoid the generation of high pressure, the user needs to close the suction stop valve to stop the operation of the compressor.

2. After completing the shutdown of the refrigerator compressor, it is necessary to operate the oil pump. Return the slide valve of the freezer to the 0-scale position so that the load reduction reaches zero. At this time, the oil pump will immediately stop all operations.

3. For the reaction kettle water cooled chiller, the operation of the water pump and cooling water tower needs to be stopped in the latter step. After stopping this type of equipment, the entire power supply can be turned off and the entire shutdown process can be completed. Ensure that the reactor water cooled chiller is in the shutdown state.

Precautions for reactor shutdown:
1. If the machine stops for a long time, special treatment is required. Including the condenser and the evaporator, the refrigerant needs to be completely pumped to the condenser, and at the same time all the water sources are discharged to avoid problems such as corrosion.

2. After the shutdown is completed, various accessories need to be carefully tested. The shutdown process is more particular, and the correct shutdown steps can prolong the service life of the equipment.

For the reactor freezer that has been shut down for a long period of time, careful testing is required to ensure that the equipment is kept away from various corrosive substances.

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