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What should be paid attention to when placing the thermostat system?

There are certain differences in the size and performance of the high and low temperature thermostat systems produced by different manufacturers. The user needs to pay attention to how it is placed when placing it after purchase, otherwise it will be detrimental to the operation of the high and low temperature thermostat system.

The location where the high and low temperature thermostat system is installed should consider the heat dissipation efficiency and whether it is easy to check and maintain. The floor where the equipment is placed must be flat and have sufficient strength (3.4N/m2 or higher). Choose a place where dust and vibration are less affected s position.

The high and low temperature thermostat system should be installed in a dry room, and there should be a power supply and a sewer nearby. The equipment should be installed in a place with little dust, and the wind condition will cause the refrigerant (fluorohydrocarbon) to leak from the equipment. There will be no hypoxia.

Good ventilation should be maintained around the installation of the high and low temperature thermostat system. During operation, the equipment will radiate heat. If it is an air-cooled thermal shock, it will directly emit heat through the condensing wind. When the room is small and poorly ventilated, the indoor temperature will rise rapidly, causing the machine to stop running and alarm . Secondly, the installation should be far away from flammable or explosive materials or other materials that may generate high heat.

When placing it, please be careful not to let sunlight directly shine on the equipment. When the equipment is used beyond this range, the safety device will start or the equipment will stop running. In order to obtain stable performance of the high and low temperature thermostat system, the installation room should be air-conditioned to keep the indoor temperature between 10°C and 30°C.

The atmospheric environment of the installation site of the high and low temperature thermostat system is consistent with the general indoor air-conditioned atmospheric environment. If there are organic solvents, plasticizers, acids, alkalis or other chemicals in the air, the parts or coatings of the equipment will be corroded and damaged.

The above content is the precautions when placing the high and low temperature thermostat system, which requires the operator to take it seriously and read the instruction manual in detail.

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