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Semiconductor Test Temperature Cycle Chiller Development

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The semiconductor chip IC industry is currently a relatively new industry in China. As the requirements of the chip industry become higher and higher, the test difficulty is also constantly strengthened. To this end, LNEYA introduced the semiconductor test temperature cycle Chiller.

The complexity of the integrated circuit process, any one of the process errors may lead to the production of integrated circuits failed, reducing the yield. Therefore, the Chiller test session of the semiconductor chip high and low temperature test chamber is crucial for the production of integrated circuits. The integrated circuit test equipment can be used not only to judge the eligibility of the tested chip or device, but also to provide information on the weak links in the design and manufacturing process, to help improve the chip manufacturing level, and to improve the performance and reliability of the chip from the source.

Wafer testing, also known as CP testing, refers to the functional and electrical parameter performance testing of each chip on the wafer after the wafer is manufactured and before being packaged by the probe station and the tester. The process is the latter process of wafer fabrication. Wafer testing is generally carried out in fabs, packaging and testing plants or specialized test foundries. The main equipment used is test and probe stations. In addition, custom test boards and probe cards, probe cards are also available. A probe is mounted on it.

Wafer test process: first fix the probe card to the test board, then install the test board to the test machine head, and then place the test head on the probe table. There is a hole in the upper part of the probe station for the probe card to be inserted. Once installed, the tester, test board, probe card and probe station are fixed. The robotic arm inside the probe station controls the wafer movement and aligns the contact holes on each chip. The needle is then topped up to allow the probe to be accurately inserted into the contact hole of the die to complete the test.

The package test is also called FT test or final test. Generally, it is completed in the packaging and testing factory. It means that after the chip is packaged, it is matched with the test machine through the sorting machine and the test machine to perform electrical parameter performance test on each chip to ensure each piece of the factory. The function and performance indicators of the integrated circuit can meet the design specification requirements, with the aim of improving the factory chip yield. The package test mainly uses testers and sorters, as well as custom test boards and bases.

Integrated circuit equipment mainly includes silicon wafer manufacturing equipment, wafer processing equipment, packaging equipment and testing equipment. Due to the complicated manufacturing process of integrated circuits and long process, the equipment required for different links is different, and the technical difficulty and value also exist. Significant differences. The technical threshold of the semiconductor chip high and low temperature test chamber Chiller is relatively low, and the domestic test equipment is expected to break through in various semiconductor devices. From the perspective of the proportion of semiconductor equipment market, the market share of semiconductor equipment is basically proportional to the technical difficulty, and products with higher technical difficulty enjoy higher market premium. Wafer processing equipment accounts for a large proportion, because in the manufacturing, packaging, testing and other aspects of integrated circuits, the wafer manufacturing process is more complicated, more processes, higher technical barriers, and higher equipment costs.

Under the background of this development, it is believed that the semiconductor test temperature cycle Chiller will also develop better and better, and Chinese test equipment is expected to achieve good development in various semiconductor devices.

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