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When to choose TCU temperature control system?

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First of all, we need to know that the reaction kettle generally needs to carry out the necessary temperature control along with the chemical reaction of the material itself. Through the temperature change of the circulating medium in the jacket or coil, the temperature of the material is controlled to achieve the target temperature of the material. For the temperature control of reaction kettles in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, the selection of temperature control equipment is relatively high. A wide working temperature range is required, and at the same time, different chemical reactions require different temperature curves. The temperature range of the TCU temperature control system developed by LNEYA is from -120°C to 250°C, and the temperature control range is wide. The PID or PLC intelligent control board can achieve percentage temperature control. One host can control multiple units of different sizes and materials. For the reaction kettle, each reaction kettle can be controlled at different temperatures, and a separate material temperature can be set to realize one heating heat exchange host and multiple refrigerant control heat exchange units to control the target temperature of different reaction kettles.

The TCU temperature control system has a unique thermodynamic temperature control system with a series of functions to meet different application requirements. Ensure accurate temperature control and good repeatability of results, short heating and cooling times, and a wide temperature range. Equipped with a new PLC controller, 7-inch color touch screen, the data parameters are clear at a glance, and the real-time temperature change is displayed in a curve. Featuring advanced pump technology to optimize heat transfer, ensure liquid circulation and high flow. Effectively prevent the glass reactor from being damaged due to soft start. Wuxi Guanya TCU temperature control system, temperature control -120~300 degrees, high precision and repeatable temperature control results, fully enclosed pipeline design, no need to replace heat transfer oil; powerful circulating pump, adjustable flow rate, convenient The operating method saves working time and use cost, and can realize continuous work in the state of unmanned monitoring. If there is a fault, it will alarm in time and shut down the system. It is widely used in process industries and production processes in fine chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries.

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