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Constant temperature circulation device can help chip to complete reliability test

As the country vigorously develops domestic chips, chip manufacturing is entering the fast lane. After the chip is manufactured, there is a very critical link, which is the reliability test, and the constant temperature circulation device can quickly help the chip to complete some of these tests, so that the chip can be put into use quickly.

The above-mentioned constant temperature circulation device is a system equipment integrating refrigeration and heating functions. It is widely used in laboratories, chemical, biological and other fields. It can provide high temperature, medium temperature, low temperature environment and high and low temperature liquid for many equipment and instruments, and can quickly increase and decrease the temperature.

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards and income, the requirements for products are getting higher and higher. How to achieve rapid cooling, rapid heating, and rapid heating and cooling has become a key factor in improving product quality. In this environment, the rapid development of high and low temperature equipment has been promoted. From the original large area, the separation of cold and hot equipment, it has gradually transformed into a small space, integrated cold and hot equipment, touch screen display, and continuous Development, progress.

A laboratory is a place with a small space and a compact environment. A safe and effective equipment is the ideal equipment for the laboratory, and the constant temperature circulation device just meets all the requirements. It has reasonable structure, good stability, and convenient operation. At the same time, it can be used with a variety of equipment and instruments. This is why the constant temperature circulation device will become a common equipment in the laboratory. It can be used with many instruments and equipment to meet different needs. The reliability test of the chip requires high temperature storage test, low temperature storage test, temperature and humidity storage test, highly accelerated temperature and humidity test, temperature cycle test, high temperature life test, etc.

The constant-temperature circulation device has a small area, a large amount of cooling and heating, and it is also very simple and convenient to use. Compared with the traditional methods of manufacturing high temperature and low temperature in the past, it is not only safe, but also efficient. It can continuously provide a stable cold and heat source for an environment, which is very important for the reliability test of the chip.

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