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Failure Analysis of Ultra Low Temperature Chiller Supporting Distillation Equipment

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Once the freezer used in the matching distillation equipment fails, we need to solve it in a timely and effective manner to avoid affecting the operation of the entire experiment.

In the pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries, low temperature freezers are common equipment and provide a reliable guarantee for various low temperature environments such as pharmaceuticals. In recent years, with the continuous development of the pharmaceutical industry and the continuous improvement of requirements for production, logistics and transportation, the freezer market supporting secondary distillation equipment in the laboratory has ushered in a good development space. Through continuous improvement and upgrade, it has become a pharmaceutical company Provide higher quality cryogenic freezer equipment.

However, in the process of using the low-temperature freezer, even if the purchase is a regular brand, major faults do not occur, and minor faults often occur. Users need to understand the common faults of the equipment and the corresponding solutions to ensure that the equipment can continue to operate. So what causes the low suction pressure? How should users solve it?

If the cryocooler refrigerant filter is clogged and malfunctions. It is recommended that the refrigerator refrigerant filter has an important filtering effect and should be kept clear. If clogging occurs, the filter needs to be cleaned or replaced regularly. If the expansion valve is improperly adjusted or malfunctioning. If this phenomenon occurs in the Wuxi Guanya freezer equipped with Shanghai distillation equipment, it is recommended to immediately correct or eliminate the fault and replace it if necessary.

When the refrigerant liquid outlet valve of the refrigerator condenser is not opened safely, the suction pressure will be too low. At this time, the valve should be fully opened. If the amount of water passing through the evaporator is insufficient, the cooling capacity will also be reduced in this case, and the cooling effect will be poor. The user should check the water pump and water valve in time.

In addition, the technician said that since the cooling water of the supporting freezer is an open circulation circuit, the tap water generally used is circulated through the cooling tower. When the calcium and magnesium salts in the water are relatively large, it is easy to decompose and deposit Scale is formed on the cooling water pipe, which affects heat transfer. In this regard, the technical staff recommends that when the user finds that the water quality of the cooling water of the low-temperature freezer is poor, it is recommended that a regular cleaning plan should be prepared, and the cooling water pipe should be cleaned at least once a year to remove scale and other dirt in the pipe to prevent Blocked pipes.

If the user eliminates the above types of failures, if the user cannot find the cause, he can contact the manufacturer for repair services. Generally, the regular manufacturers will set up a professional after-sales department to handle it.

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