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Heat transfer oil secondary circulation system use instructions

The thermal oil secondary circulation system is equipped with various instruments and equipment for temperature control. When using it, you need to pay attention to its safety knowledge and safer operation.

LNEYA heat transfer oil secondary circulation system uses branded fully enclosed compressors with advanced performance and reliable quality. The relays, protectors, capacitors and other devices used in the equipment are all original high-quality equipment, ensuring the reliable performance and service life of the heat transfer oil secondary circulation system, integrating cooling, heating and circulation, and the power distribution of the heat transfer oil secondary circulation system is reasonable. Save space.
The heat transfer oil secondary circulation system should be filled with liquid medium in the front tank. Generally, the liquid level is 30mm-50mm below the work surface to prevent the heater from being burnt. The power supply is 220VAC/50Hz, and the equipment must have good grounding. The circulation pump is automatically turned on when the equipment starts to operate, and the refrigeration compressor will make corresponding start or stop commands according to the temperature of the equipment unless there is a special need.

LNEYA heat transfer oil secondary circulation system adopts the automatic control function of circulating pump, that is, when the equipment is running, the circulation pump runs automatically. When the equipment is running, because of the function of the self-contained circulation pump, the liquid surface will show a flowing pattern if running. When there is no obvious flow state at the liquid tank interface, it means that there may be a helium state, and it should be exhausted in time. The device has its own cooling function. The cooling function can automatically issue a running or stop command according to the temperature of the device. It can also prohibit the compressor from running through the system parameters. When the device prohibits the compressor from running, the compressor needs to be set again to return to normal. Cooling operation.

The equipment should be placed in a ventilated and dry place, and the back and sides should be separated from the obstacle by more than 300mm. After use, turn off the power switch and unplug the power cord. If it is not used for a long time, the liquid in the tank should be drained and scrubbed clean.

When using the heat transfer oil secondary circulation system, it is necessary to pay more attention to the above problems, so that the use can achieve more efficient operation efficiency.
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