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Antifreeze flow pressure temperature control system  (1 Set with 6 Sets)

Antifreeze flow pressure temperature control system (1 Set with 6 Sets)

Antifreeze flow pressure temperature control system  (1 Set with 6 Sets)

  • Product Description
Multi-channel temperature flow control, one device can achieve multi-channel output, each channel can control different flows without interference with each other.

Model KRY-2A25W/6S KRY-2A38W/6S KRY-2A60W/6S
Temperature Range -20℃~+100℃ -20℃~+100℃ -20℃~+100℃
Temperature control accuracy ±0.5℃ ±0.5℃ ±0.5℃
Temperature feedback Pt100 Pt100 Pt100
Temperature display 0.01k 0.01k 0.01k
Flow control/Group 1~20 L/min 1~20 L/min 1~40 L/min
Flow control accuracy / Group ±0.2L ±0.2L ±0.2L
Number of fluid output groups 6 groups 6 groups 6 groups
Pressure control / group 0.2bar~2.5bar 0.2bar~2.5bar 0.2bar~2.5bar
Flow description When the temperature control is lower than -30 degrees, the flow rate is controlled within 80% of the maximum value.
Flow pressure description The unit can control the flow individually or separately. Need to control different solutions at the same time (customized)
Heating Power 25kW 38kW 60kW
Cooling Capacity 100℃ 25kW 38kW 60kW
20℃ 25kW 38kW 60kW
0℃ 25kW 38kW 60kW
-20℃ 10kW 15kW 24kW
Compressor Italy Du Ling semi-closed piston compressor
Expansion valve / solenoid valve Danfoss Thermal Expansion Valve / Emerson Solenoid Valve
Oil distributor Emerson
Dry filter, Pressure control Danfoss
Evaporator Danfoss / High Force Plate Heat Exchanger
Circulating pump German brand magnetic drive pump
Frequency converter Delta
Flow,Pressure sensor Electromagnetic flowmeter, Johnson Controls pressure sensor
Input, Display 10 inch color touch screen \ Siemens S7-1200 PLC controller
Communication Modbus RTU protocol RS485 interface, optional CAN communication bus, Ethernet interface TCP/IP protocol
Safety protection Self-diagnosis function; freezer overload protection; high pressure pressure switch, overload relay, thermal protection device, low liquid level protection, high temperature protection, sensor fault protection, etc.
System The whole system is a fully enclosed system. There is no oil mist at high temperature, and the low temperature does not absorb moisture in the air. The system does not increase the pressure due to high temperature during operation, and the heat medium is automatically supplemented at low temperature.
Refrigerant R404A/R507C
Outer output interface size There are six groups of inlet and outlet, G3/4
Water-cooled at 20℃ 6000L/H 9000L/H 15000L/H
Water cooled condenser Shen's tube-type heat exchanger
Air-cooled condenser Optional air-cooled equipment, on the wind-out form, the equipment size will increase
Power Supply 380V50HZ 50kW max 68kW max 100kW max
Water cooling size cm 120*180*205 145*205*225 145*245*225
Quality 900kg 1100kg 1750kg
Optional 220V 60HZ Three phase  400V 50HZ Three phase  440V 60HZ Three phase
Optional Temperature extended to-40℃~+135℃
Optional The outer circulation pipeline ensures the diameter DN15 or DN20. Do not artificially throttle the pipeline, which will increase the circulation pump load. Pipes need to be insulated, and high temperature rubber and plastic insulation pipes can be used.
Optional When the temperature is lower than the normal temperature, the refrigeration system uses the cooling PID to adjust the cooling capacity, and does not adopt the heating countermeasure mode to achieve energy saving purposes.

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