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Description of requirements for installation of glycol chiller

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Generally, after purchasing the equipment
with the glycol chiller manufacturer, the installation manual will be
distributed to the user together. So, what should be paid attention to when
installing the glycol chiller?

In summer, glycol chillers are used
frequently, so when installing, they need to be installed on a stable and tidy
ground. Users who know the glycol chiller should know that if the installation
is inclined, it may cause the refrigerant or the cooling water or the chilled
water to run abnormally, and the refrigerant will flow back or increase the
resistance, which is not conducive to the normal operation of the refrigeration
system. Therefore, the glycol chiller needs to run on a stable ground.

If the glycol chiller runs on a stable ground,
the compressor can run more efficiently. Because the normal operation of each
component of the compressor takes into account the problem of gravity, the
stable ground can avoid the resistance of the liquid medium in the flow or the
acceleration of gravity, and the glycol chiller can be operated more

Of course, noise problems continue to
plague many glycol chiller users. In fact, a flat ground can effectively reduce
vibration and noise during operation, because a flat ground can reduce vibration
during operation, which is beneficial to the glycol The mute effect enhances
its service life.

If the glycol chiller runs on uneven
ground, due to the action of gravitation, the various parts are more likely to
loosen and peel off based on the vibration generated by the glycol chiller
during operation.

There are other instructions on the use of
glycol chillers, you can consult our LNEYA technical engineer,
we will reply you as soon as possible.

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