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What to consider when purchasing an oil-cooled motor power cooling system?

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Purchasing objects is nothing more than based on several types of methods: inquire with people around you, search and consult on the Internet by yourself, so that you can avoid some detours.

1. Parameter requirements:
Ordering from the Internet is to look at the main parameters. I look forward to buying some cost-effective products. Therefore, for the equipment with high use value, you can visit and inspect the equipment before purchasing.

2. Maintenance:
For long-term operation of the oil-cooled motor power cooling system, maintenance is very critical. For example, the actual effect of refrigeration is very poor. A very part of the root cause is that the power cooling system of industrial production oil-cooled motors is not properly maintained and repaired.

3. Wetting method:
Industrial production oil-cooled motor power cooling system needs to be lubricated with lubricating fluid for a period of time, otherwise the sliding friction of the machinery and equipment will expand, and then the related machinery and equipment will be worn down. We know that there are many manufacturing industries available for the power cooling system of oil-cooled motors. Different manufacturing industries have different regulations on chillers, the uniqueness of the application site and the composition of the refrigerant, and the selection of lubrication methods are also different. .

4. Price factors:
Since the industrial-grade oil-cooled motor power cooling system belongs to a relatively high-priced product, we try to cooperate with the manufacturer when selecting it. The benefits of cooperating with manufacturers are enormous. On the one hand, manufacturers give very high discounts on prices, but the key reason is that there are no retailers. But if you choose a retailer and cooperate with the retailer, every level will definitely get a price difference.

5. The difference between new equipment and second-hand equipment:
There will be a big difference in energy consumption between new equipment and old equipment. The old equipment consumes more power and the parts are not good, causing inconvenience to the enterprise. And new equipment is guaranteed by after-sales service for a period of time, while old equipment does not have after-sales service. These many differences will tell you how critical it is to choose a reliable manufacturer.

In order to promote the oil-cooled motor power cooling system to obtain the expected cooling effect, it must be maintained on time, and the cover soil net of the oil-cooled motor power cooling system must be removed on time to remove the dust on it, and the circulating system cooling water should be removed and replaced on time. , Do a good job in the removal work, and schedule technical personnel to carry out inspections.

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