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How to choose the model of the temperature control device of the lithography machine?

How to choose a suitable industrial chiller, and what aspects should be paid attention to in the design of the unit?

1. Choose air-cooled or water-cooled temperature control device for lithography machine
The condensation methods of industrial chillers are divided into air-cooled and water-cooled. The corresponding equipment is often called the temperature control device of the lithography machine. The selection must first consider whether the air-cooled condensation method is suitable

2. Determine cooling capacity demand
It is necessary to calculate the cooling capacity required for the actual application of the temperature-controlled equipment, which can usually be directly determined according to the cooling capacity or compressor power requirements provided by the customer, or it can be estimated according to the actual process conditions and experience. It should be noted that Generally speaking, the refrigeration capacity of the temperature control device group of the lithography machine refers to the rated refrigeration capacity, which also needs to be calculated in conjunction with factors such as the actual ambient temperature.

3. The choice of evaporator
evaporator type: coil evaporator / shell and tube evaporator / plate heat exchanger
Material of evaporator: Whether the liquid to be cooled (refrigerant) has anti-corrosion requirements such as acid and alkali resistance, and special materials such as stainless steel and titanium tubes are required.

4. Selection of circulating water pump
The flow rate and head of the chilled water circulating pump in the temperature control device group of the lithography machine should be determined in combination with the application equipment piping, installation distance, temperature control accuracy and other factors.

There are many other aspects that need attention in the selection of the temperature control device of the lithography machine, such as the power supply voltage, whether the refrigerant has environmental protection requirements, etc., I will not repeat them here.
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