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Points to pay attention to when choosing a reactor temperature cycle control machine

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The temperature circulation control machine of the reaction kettle has always been an indispensable equipment for pharmaceutical and chemical enterprises. As a refrigeration and heating experimental equipment, if the purchased reactor temperature cycle control device has problems or defects, it will lead to the loss of the entire production chain. Therefore, it is very important to choose good or bad.

The temperature control range of the reactor temperature circulation control machine is relatively wide, and the temperature control of the fluid system can be realized in the range of -120℃~300℃. Generally, you need to pay attention to the following aspects when choosing:

1.Working conditions
Before purchasing the reactor temperature cycle control machine, make statistics on the demand first, and then make inquiries with different companies according to the corresponding working conditions. It is not recommended to make an inquiry under the condition of no working conditions. In this case, an accurate price cannot be obtained. , It is also a waste of time, and it is time-saving to unify the working conditions and request the inquiry.

2.Appearance and configuration
The configuration of the reactor temperature circulation control machine of different manufacturers is different. When purchasing, it should be clearly understood whether the size of the equipment purchased and the size of the location are appropriate, and whether the brand of each accessory is configured is a brand or a miscellaneous brand. .

3. Price
The price of the reactor temperature circulation control machine is customized according to each manufacturer. When the user makes an inquiry, he can inquire according to different channels from the manufacturer and the distributor, and can compare the prices to purchase. You can’t rely solely on price as the decisive factor, and you need to understand that you get what you pay for.

The equipment and people use it for a long time, there will be certain problems. Therefore, after-sales service is a very important factor, and manufacturers of professional reactor temperature circulation control machines will have some guarantee in this regard.

The purchase of reactor high and low temperature circulation machine needs to consider the above aspects, and the equipment with a certain strength manufacturer will be more reliable when choosing. LNEYA has a professional after-sales department to solve the problems of different customers in a timely manner.

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