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Instructions On Refrigeration Of Low Temperature Chiller Circulating Machine Screw Compressor

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Due to different compressors, the performance of low temperature chiller circulation machine is also different. Screw compressor is different from the piston compressor, whose structure is more sophisticated. Therefore, if the user needs to choose the low temperature chiller circulator, they need to have their own understanding of its refrigeration operation.

When it is on operation, the screw compressor of the low temperature chiller circulator sprays lubricating oil into the working chamber, which plays the role of lubrication, cooling, sealing and noise elimination, as well as lubricating oil for main bearing, thrust bearing and shaft seal and the pressure oil that pushes the piston, balances the piston. This oil mixed with high-pressure gas is discharge from the compressor.

Inspiratory filter: the inspiratory filter of circulating machine of low temperature chiller is mainly composed of shell and metal filter net, etc. Inspiratory thermometer, pressure gauge and refueling valve are installed on the shell. The refueling valve is the refueling part of the unit, so pay more attention to it.

Oil cooler: the temperature of the lubricating oil separated from the oil of the circulating machine of the low-temperature chiller increases (close to the exhaust temperature) due to the absorption of friction heat and the heat of the gas. If the oil temperature is too high, the viscosity will decrease, which will weaken the sealing effect, increase the internal leakage and reduce the efficiency of the compressor. Therefore, the lubricating oil must be cooled before it can be recycled. Low temperature chiller circulating oil cooler plays the role of cooling oil.

Crude oil filter: in order to protect the normal operation of the circulating oil pump of low temperature chiller, the impurities are filtered through the crude oil filter before the lubricating oil enters the oil pump.

When the machine is operating for the first, check the cleanliness of the crude oil filter after the initial operation, and dismantle and inspect the filter screen regularly according to the cleanliness of the system. Gasoline or kerosene can be used to clean the filter and continue using it after blowing it with dry air.

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