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Chip temperature control device selection instructions

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With economic development and technological advancement, chip temperature control equipment has been developed by the chip industry. LNEYA, as a chip temperature control equipment manufacturer, also guarantees one of the performance and quality aspects of the chip industry.

The electronic appliance control system is the nerve center of the chip temperature control device. It senses the state of the machine by the sensor, accepts manual commands, realizes information exchange with the test system, and drives the motor and cylinder to realize the functions of the machine. The control tasks are performed by the industrial control computer in the system and the control software therein. The pneumatic system is mainly to execute the control system commands, and the cylinder realizes some functions of the machine.

When the chip temperature control device is running normally, the green indicator light will be on. When a fault occurs, the red alarm indicator lights up and the buzzer sounds to indicate, and the corresponding fault information is displayed on the industrial computer display. When encountering a fault alarm, do not worry, and find the fault location according to the information displayed on the display. The chip temperature control equipment should be maintained in the daily use process to make it work more stably, prolong the service life and improve the product quality.

Common chip temperature control equipment test position track and test position baffle are made of metal material, and the metal material has electrical conductivity. The exposed copper coins of the integrated circuit plastic package are connected to the inside of the integrated circuit. During the test, the integrated circuit pins are in contact with the golden finger reed, and the golden finger reed is connected to the test system through the wild port, the test DUT rice, and the test head.

With the continuous improvement of science and technology, the requirements for maintenance technicians are getting higher and higher. Operators must continuously strengthen the study of theoretical knowledge, as well as the experience and summary accumulated in actual production, and have the ability to repair various equipment failures.

When major semiconductor manufacturers choose chip temperature control equipment, they are undoubtedly concerned about their configuration parameters and detection efficiency. Intelligent chip temperature control equipment can make chip test run more efficiently.

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