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Advantages of Industrial Chillers in Refrigeration

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In recent years, the manufacturing industry
has entered a golden age. The market competition is fierce, and the
requirements for product quality have been greatly improved. In fact, in the
process of improving product quality, manufacturers often ignore a subtle and
important factor. In the production process, due to the continuous heat
generated by machinery, molds and industrial reactions, when the temperature
exceeds the degree that the material can bear, the product quality is unstable.
Taking the production of plastic products and electroplating as an example, the
cooling time in the production of plastic products accounts for more than 80%
of the whole cycle. Therefore, it is particularly important to reduce the
cooling time. The cooling water can absorb heat in time, which can rapidly
reduce the temperature in the mold cavity and accelerate the finalization of
the product. In the electroplating industry, cooling water can reduce the
temperature of electroplating solution and keep the temperature within a
certain range, so that metal molecules can quickly attach to the surface of
plated parts with stable current, so as to make the product smooth and increase
the density.

Industrial water chiller is the most common
and advanced refrigeration equipment in modern times. Water chiller is an
important auxiliary unit for industrial development. Nowadays, there are more
and more industrial chiller manufacturers. Users should make the best choice
according to their actual working conditions.

Industrial water chillers are commonly
known as industrial water machines, industrial coolers, industrial ice machines,
etc. Although the product parameters of each industrial chiller manufacturer
are different, chillers are still widely used in all walks of life, and there are
countless names. Its working principle is a multifunctional temperature control
machine, which removes liquid vapor through compression or heat absorption
refrigeration cycle. The steam compression industrial chiller consists of four
main components: steam compression refrigeration cycle compressor, evaporator,
condenser and some metering devices, so as to realize different refrigerants.

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