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Principle Analysis of Glycol Chiller

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Glycol chiller is an industrial chiller
with glycol as refrigerant. The structure of glycol chiller is roughly the same
as that of ordinary industrial chiller, which is composed of compressor,
evaporator, condenser and electric control system. In order to ensure the
stable operation of glycol chiller, we suggest that you take explosion-proof
measures and buy explosion-proof glycol chiller as far as possible.

1 Operation of compressor

In order to ensure that the pressure inside
the evaporator is low enough and that the refrigerant is at such a low
temperature, the compressor is used to extract the evaporated refrigerant and
compress the low temperature and low pressure into high temperature and high
pressure refrigerant gas.

2 Use of condenser

High temperature and high pressure
refrigerant condenses into liquid in the condenser. The refrigerant in the
condenser releases heat in air or water lower than its temperature. Of course,
the temperature of air or water must be lower than that of refrigerant.

3 How to throttle

After passing through the restrictor, the
refrigerant of the chiller drops from the condensation pressure to the
evaporation pressure, so the liquid from the condenser can be placed in the
liquid reservoir. At this time, the refrigerant is in the state of normal
temperature and high pressure, and then passes through the expansion valve to
reduce the boiling point, enters the evaporator, and the liquid absorbs heat
and evaporates.

4 Endothermic evaporation

After passing through the restrictor, the
refrigerant liquid with low temperature and low pressure exchanges with the
evaporator, and the absorbed heat becomes saturated or superheated steam.

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