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What should we pay attention to when purchasing cooling equipment for industrial chiller units?

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When many customers buy refrigeration equipment for industrial chiller units, they don’t know what the key points are. Next, let me talk to you.

1. It should be determined according to the use, refrigerating capacity, local power supply, water source, heat source, gas source and other conditions through comprehensive technical and economic comparison of investment, operation cost, energy consumption, environmental impact and other factors.

2. In the process of operation, we can first inject a certain amount of water into the internal water tank of the machine, cool the water through the refrigeration system, and then inject the low-temperature frozen water into the equipment that needs to be cooled by the water pump. The frozen water takes away the heat inside the machine, and the high-temperature hot water returns to the water tank for cooling again. In this way, the circulating exchange cooling is achieved to cool the equipment.

3. The specific refrigerating equipment of industrial refrigerating units can be determined according to the needs of the factory. Wuxi Guanya can adopt the combined scheme of different types and different capacity units to reduce energy consumption.

4. Check whether the machinery is damaged, and take a suitable place for assembly and maintenance.

5. The site of the unit shall be the floor, assembly pad or base, and its levelness shall be within 6-4mm, and can withstand the operation weight of the unit.

6. The refrigeration equipment of the industrial refrigeration unit should be placed in the machine room with a suitable room temperature, and there should be sufficient space around and above the unit.

7. The refrigeration equipment of the industrial refrigerating unit adopts water pipes with appropriate pipe diameters, and the cooling system and cold water system during the high-power operation of the unit are correctly combined.

8. For ordinary application sites, the water flow rate through the evaporator and condenser should be within a certain range.

9. Under different load conditions, the water flow of the refrigeration equipment of the industrial refrigeration unit should be kept in order.

According to the cooling method, the chiller equipment of industrial chiller unit can be divided into air cooling and water cooling. The working principle of the equipment is vapor compression refrigeration, which uses the principle of heat absorption when liquid refrigerant vaporizes and heat release when steam condenses. It is mainly used in various laboratories and industrial production fields. It can provide chilled water with constant temperature, constant flow and constant pressure.

The chiller equipment of the industrial refrigerating unit shall be selected according to the heat of the heating element and the control requirements. Choose one that matches the cooling capacity, and the cooling capacity must be greater than the required cooling capacity. Different flow rate will affect different temperature control accuracy. Choosing the one that conforms to the form and accuracy of temperature control will directly affect whether the chiller equipment of industrial refrigeration units is suitable for operation.

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