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How to Carry On Industrial Low Temperature Chillerstest Of Choosing The Better Company?

No matter what chillers are used, we need to constantly learn about the relevant knowledge of the industrial-low temperature chillers.

Which company's low - temperature chiller is better? Let me tell you, in order to help you to use the industrial low temperature chillers, you have to know these related knowledge of test.

Temperature detection of inlet and outlet

When the industrial low temperature chiller is being used, the thermometer of the inlet and outlet of the system is checked through the control system of the unit half an hour after starting up, which can read the inlet temperature and outlet temperature of the industrial low-temperature chiller. Ensure that the temperature difference between inlet and outlet water is not too large, once it is too large, the water flow may be shown to be small, which may cause the normal operation of the industrial low-temperature chiller.

Water pressure detection of inlet and outlet pipes

It is necessary to test the outlet and inlet water pressure values of industrial low-temperature chillers, and then check the instructions to see how much water flow is under normal conditions to judge whether the refrigeration system is normal. Which company's low - temperature chiller is better? Let me tell you. We can judge which section of the pipe resistance value is larger, and make the corresponding rectification plan from the line.

Detection of suction temperature of copper tube of compressor

When using industrial low - temperature chillers, after running for half an hour, If the suction temperature of the compressor is detected below 0 degrees, it indicates that the water flow in the heat exchanger does not reach a fixed value. It is easy to cause the drop of evaporation force, which may lead to the refrigerant still absorbing heat in the process of evaporator flowing to the compressor, resulting in the suction temperature of the compressor being lower than 0 degrees.

Current detection during pump operation

During operation, the industrial low - temperature chiller can compare the current in the water pump with the rated current of the chiller. In this way, it can judge whether the current is large or small and detect the operation status of the water system at any time.

These are the methods of testing which company's industrial low -temperature chiller is better. I hope you can quickly find problems in the chiller when you check it.
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