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Knowledge sharing of high-power chiller pipeline cleaning

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For many companies, due to the weak awareness of daily maintenance of high-power chillers, industrial high-power chillers have not been effectively maintained for a long time. If the industrial high-power chillers lacks the necessary maintenance, this means that the failure rate of the industrial high-power chillers in the later operation is very high.  

Failure to clean up will affect operating efficiency:

Even if the overall operating quality of industrial high-power chillers is relatively high, if maintenance is not carried out within the specified time, it also means that industrial high-power chillers may have different degrees of failure. Especially for many water-cooled industrial high-power chillers, large-scale scale problems will appear after long-term operation. If the ditches cannot be effectively cleaned, the scale will continue to expand after long-term accumulation, which will directly affect the heat dissipation effect of industrial high-power chillers. When the industrial high-power refrigeration unit is operated under the premise that the heat dissipation performance is affected, the energy consumption of the equipment operation increases in a large range, which seriously affects the stable operation of the industrial high-power chillers.

To clean up the equipment regularly:

In the actual operation of high-power chillers, in order to maintain the reliability and stability of industrial high-power chillers, industrial high-power chillers should be cleaned after half a year of use. Especially for places prone to dirt, it is necessary to clean, rely on various professional cleaning solvents to achieve better cleaning results, maintain industrial high-power chillers with higher heat dissipation performance, and establish a low temperature for enterprises in a shorter time Environment, improve the overall work efficiency of the enterprise.

The machine can be cleaned in advance:

If the industrial high-power chillers is used frequently and the environment is harsh, the cleaning time can be advanced to reduce the probability of various failures of the industrial high-power chiller. As long as there are problems such as increased energy consumption, industrial high-power refrigeration units can be cleaned and maintained. Correct cleaning and maintenance can prolong the service life of industrial high-power chillers and avoid various faults that affect the reliable operation of industrial high-power chillers.

To sum up:

When to clean industrial high-power refrigeration units needs to be decided according to the environment in which the enterprise uses. If the business environment is clean, the cleaning time can be extended appropriately. On the contrary, companies need to complete the cleaning in advance to maintain the stable operation of industrial high-power chillers and avoid various faults that affect the normal use of industrial high-power chillers.

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