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Shutdown method in the case of high-precision high-low temperature circulator failure

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The high-precision high-low temperature circulator is one of the equipments used in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry to support various reactors. If users encounter an abnormal power outage during use, they should pay attention to operation to avoid causing failures.

1. The power switch should be turned off and the compressor’s suction valve and exhaust valve should be closed immediately. At the same time, the liquid supply valve should be closed to stop supplying liquid to the evaporator. Many produce wet compression.

If the cooling water of the equipment is interrupted suddenly, the power should be cut off immediately and the cooling water circulator stopped to avoid the condenser pressure being too high. Immediately after the compressor is stopped, the compressor’s suction and exhaust valves and related liquid supply valves should be closed, and the cause should be found to eliminate the fault and restart the water supply.

2. When a compressor needs to be stopped due to damage to a part of the compressor during operation, if the time permits, it can be operated as normal shutdown. If the situation is urgent, the power of the motor must be cut off, and the suction, exhaust and liquid supply valves should be closed.

3. If a fire in an adjacent building jeopardizes the safety of the high-precision high-low temperature circulator, the power should be cut off, and the exhaust valves of the accumulator, condenser, ammonia oil separator, and evaporator should be quickly opened to quickly open the emergency discharge The ammonia device and its water valve make the ammonia solution of the system concentrated to be discharged at the emergency ammonia discharge port, and are diluted by a large amount of water to prevent accidents caused by the spread of fire.

4. To protect the circulating water pump from running without water, please ensure that the water tank is filled with enough water before turning on, otherwise the water pump is easily damaged. When the water level of the water tank is below the green range of the water level gauge, the refrigeration capacity of the high-precision high-low temperature circulator will decrease slightly. Please ensure that the water level of the water tank is within the green range of the water level gauge. It is strictly forbidden to use a circulating pump for drainage. The air outlet on the high-precision high and low temperature circulator must be more than 1250px away from the obstacle, and the side air inlet must be more than 750px away from the obstacle. The power socket is in good contact and the ground wire is reliably grounded. The power supply voltage of Wuxi Guanya high-precision high-low temperature circulator must be consistent with the equipment’s power supply voltage, which will affect the safe operation of high-precision high-low temperature circulator.

The cooling and heating system of Wuxi Guanya LNEYA high-precision high-low temperature circulator supports customization. If users are more concerned about other safety devices, they can also customize the isolation and explosion-proof type, which is more reliable in use.

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