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What is the function of high temperature heat transfer fluid system?

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The high temperature heat transfer fluid system adopts a fully closed circulation system, so that there is no oil mist during high temperature operation, and high temperature refrigeration can be realized. It is the temperature control equipment used in many industries at present.

1. High temperature heat transfer fluid system is used with most experimental equipment, such as rotary evaporator, uniform temperature, constant liquid environment. It is forbidden to store in the open air, avoid direct sunlight or rain. Do not store in corrosive or gaseous places.

2. The outer packing box shall not be disassembled during loading and unloading. Vibration and shock should be avoided during handling and placed carefully. Be careful not to damage the equipment and items inside the box when unpacking. After unpacking, a special person should be designated to keep the random data and check whether the equipment and items in the box are consistent with the packing list. Randomly damaged items and equipment must not be lost.

3. When the compressor stops and fails, the power supply should be checked first. If the power supply is OK, we need the production switch and temperature settings. If there is no abnormality, a professional electrician is required to check whether the equipment circuit is missing and whether the relay is damaged.

4. In the process of using high temperature heat transfer fluid system, operators often operate too hastily. When the machine is just running, the machine will turn to a larger temperature value. In fact, this approach often backfires. The machine is in a shutdown state, and the stirring impeller is suddenly increased to react the material, which causes the running burden of the machine. In this case, the reactor mixer is easily reversed. If there is no body reverse at that time, it will cause the mixer to deform. In addition to deformation, it will also cause the body temperature to rise rapidly and destroy the mechanical properties.

5. The user should proceed step by step during the re-use process. During the long-term operation, the temperature increase of the equipment is also a reasonable phenomenon, but because the temperature rises to the rated temperature, it will affect the reaction of the material.

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