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How to choose a glass reactor? How to match the temperature control system?

Glass kettle reactors are required for many laboratory equipment and are generally used with temperature control systems.

In the chemical and pharmaceutical fields, the imported glass reactor is basically a necessity, and the refrigeration heating temperature control system can well solve a process of material temperature rise and fall reaction.

In fact, there are many merchants for glass reactors, and there are many choices. First, it is a quality problem. From the thickness of the glass, the quality should be reliable. It is safer for everyone in the experiment, the material reaction is more rigorous, the operation is convenient, the stability is good, and it will not leak.

The glass reactor is designed with double-layer glass, the inner layer is placed in the reaction solvent for stirring reaction, and the interlayer is heated and cooled by the heat-conducting oil. In combination with the refrigeration heating temperature control system, the stirring reaction is carried out in a fully enclosed glass reactor to control the evaporation of the reaction solution and the high temperature and low temperature experiments of the solution.

When using, be careful to clean before installation. Apply a small amount of vacuum grease to each inlet, outlet, and sealing surface. Pay attention to the airtightness of the imported glass reactor. Before installation, carefully read the instructions for the imported glass reactor. If you encounter installation, use or maintenance problems, please follow the instructions. It will not be installed once. It is recommended to be installed and used by our professional operators. It is not suitable for telling the operation when it is empty. This needs attention.

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