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Specific operation analysis How to dehumidify when using industrial freezer

In the process of using industrial freezers, there may be some moisture in the refrigeration system. Therefore, the dehumidification of industrial freezers is very important, so how to dehumidify?

When dehumidifying, users who purchase industrial freezers need to be aware that not all freezers contain moisture. LNEYA industrial freezers use fully enclosed circulation lines, which you can rest assured when using them. There will be no water and fog when running! So, how do you dehumidify a fully enclosed refrigeration system?

Vacuuming can be performed before charging the industrial refrigerator with refrigerant. Of course, the higher the vacuum, the better. Evacuation is one of the usual means. The drying time of the refrigeration system is related to the size of the system itself. The operation capacity of the vacuum pump and the moisture in the system are closely related. Everyone can pay attention when running.

When the industrial refrigerator is filled with refrigerant, the industrial refrigerator is dried outside the machine, and a certain dryer is installed in the pipeline to reduce the water content in the refrigeration system to less. It is also possible to set the drying filter in the refrigeration system of the industrial refrigerator before the high-pressure liquid enters the expansion valve. Generally, when selecting the dryer, it is necessary to pay attention to whether there is any harm to the refrigeration system. The whole core desiccant.

Why do you want to dehumidify? Safety is especially important when using industrial freezers. Once there is moisture or mist in the refrigeration system, it will affect the operation of the industrial freezer. Once you do not pay attention, some faults will occur during the operation, and the impact will be affected. The use of freezers threatens the safety of life.

If you have any other problems while using the industrial freezer, you can contact LNEYA for technical questions!
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