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Introduction to the structure and application of industrial refrigerators

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Industrial refrigerators are usually called industrial refrigerator boxs, and low-temperature freezers.
Temperature range: -150℃~-20℃. Industrial refrigerators can be divided into vertical and horizontal types. Most of them use imported compressors and fans, fluorine-free environmentally friendly refrigerants, all copper pipes are tight and leak-proof, excellent performance, reliable and durable. Equipped with movable casters, easy to use.

Industrial refrigerator structure:
1. Handle: conforms to the curvature of the human body, comfortable and safe to use, streamlined and beautiful in design
2. Spring hinge design: exquisite and balanced design, slow rebound, no fingers, keep you away from squeaks
3. Storage rack: items are classified and isolated for easy pickup
4. Precise computer temperature control: use the original world-renowned brand, high-precision computer temperature control system to accurately maintain the internal temperature of the box
5. Thicken the overall mouth frame: tightly lock the temperature in the cabinet and prevent the air-conditioning from leaking

Application of industrial refrigerator:
1. Mainly used to assess and determine the adaptability test of electrical, electronic, aerospace, automotive electrical appliances, materials and other products, various electronic vitality parts and other related products’ parts and materials when stored and used in a low temperature and constant temperature environment Detect its performance indicators.
2. Used for cold treatment of metal materials, refine the internal crystal structure of the metal, eliminate internal residual stress, and precipitate carbide particles, increase hardness and toughness, and improve the overall mechanical properties of metal materials.
3. It is used for cold shrinkage of copper sleeves, bearings, etc., and is widely used in precision machinery assembly.
4. Used for precision assembly, no heating, strong adaptability and high assembly quality. Used for low-temperature testing of components and complete machines, testing performance, life and reliability and other indicators.
5. Low-temperature freezing and cooling of industrial bearings and electrical components can change their structure and increase their wear resistance and toughness.

Industrial refrigerator product introduction:
1. Accurate display 0.1 degree: The test material needs harsh storage temperature and slight fluctuations will greatly affect its performance
2. Intelligent alarm system: the alarm temperature range can be set freely, and the sensor will alarm when the power is off.
3. Temperature control range of industrial refrigerator: -100℃~-30℃, -150℃~-20℃
4. Main technology: lightweight one-key quick cooling, continuous cooling in a short time

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