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Is the temperature control equipment for semiconductor component testing a chiller?

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Semiconductor component testing temperature control equipment is used in the simulation test of the temperature performance of semiconductors, chips and other components, and conducts temperature tests in different temperature ranges within the range of -85~200℃.

One, equipment background
      In the component industry, the requirements for various semiconductors and chips are relatively high. It is particularly necessary to test the performance status of components in different environments, as well as different temperature tests and other performance tests under packaging and assembly production, so as to avoid components such as components. After entering production, the electronic products are actually put on the market and face a variety of unusual environments that cause the electronic components to be unusable.

Second, role
       Semiconductor component testing temperature control equipment performs high and low temperature cycle testing, high and low temperature temperature impact testing, failure analysis and other reliability tests on components, integrated circuits, modules, PCBs, assembly and other applications. In addition to semiconductor component testing temperature control equipment, industry professionals can also call them heat flow meters, hot and cold air impact machines, temperature forced systems, high and low temperature air circulation systems, and semiconductor testing chiller.

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