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Temperature control range and accuracy of high and low temperature tester

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The temperature control accuracy of heat transfer oil medium of the high and low temperature tester used for component testing is plus or minus 0.5 ℃, which solves the problem of temperature control lag in electronic components.

Main advantages of temperature simulation system of high and low temperature tester:

1. Temperature control accuracy: ± 0.5 ℃

2. Real time monitoring of the real temperature of the components to be tested

3. For a single IC (module) among many components on PCB, high and low temperature impact can be carried out separately without affecting other surrounding components

4. Perform temperature cycling / impact on the IC on the tester platform

5. Provide accurate and fast ambient temperature for the whole integrated circuit board

Application scope of temperature simulation system of high and low temperature tester:

It is applied to the high and low temperature test of PCB board and electronic chip. The electronic chip shall be subject to environmental test before leaving the factory to simulate the adaptability of PCB board to operation and storage in climatic environment, so as to ensure that it can work normally in harsh environment. The temperature test range is: – 85 ℃ ~ 250 ℃


1. The temperature control of semiconductor test device and the integrated cold and heat machine adopt Siemens PLC control system and touch-screen color LCD display, which can monitor the operation status of the system in real time, display the set value and real-time operation parameters. Simple operation and convenient use.

2. The cold and hot all-in-one machine can choose fixed temperature setting or variable temperature setting.

3. Built in trend curve display function, which can display preset temperature, flow, pressure parameter values and real-time parameters.

4. Cycle mode can be selected, including constant pressure cycle mode and constant flow cycle mode. In constant pressure circulation mode, the accuracy can reach 0.05bar; In the constant flow cycle mode, the flow accuracy is 0.2l/min.

5. Support multi control mode switching function. The circulation system can select pressure circulation mode and flow circulation mode. The temperature can be selected from the out temperature cycle mode or the back temperature cycle mode.

6. The built-in fault alarm function can help engineers query, get the fault information in time and maintain and deal with it in time.

7. The fault recording function is convenient for engineers to query historical faults and effectively deal with relevant problems.


LNEYA high and low temperature test unit is mainly used for temperature test simulation in semiconductor test. It has wide temperature orientation and high temperature rise and fall. The temperature test range is: – 85 ℃ ~ 250 ℃.

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