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How should an industrial chiller manufacturer choose

2. Try to select well-known brand industrial chiller manufacturers with technical professional work experience.

3. If there are visits and inspections, we must attach great importance to the big aspects and pay more attention to the small key points. Usually, the key points are the importance of determining the quality of the entire equipment. Try to inquire from the various components, assembly, debugging and other aspects of the industrial chiller.

4. Try to determine the actual temperature requirements of the chiller machinery and equipment purchased by yourself, and what is the cooling rate. Chiller manufacturers have many types of generator sets and complete specifications and models. Therefore, it is necessary to measure the output power of the chiller in accordance with the actual requirements and select the appropriate model.

5. At the level of after-sales maintenance services, there must be relatively satisfactory user reviews in the industry. After-sales maintenance services should be as early as possible and on standby at any time (simple problems, you can call specific instructions to solve the customer, if you cant solve it, you should rush to the customer to solve the problem on the spot).

6. Separate product automatic production line: The product series refers to the products that the chiller manufacturer can produce, and the chiller production business must be able to produce different types of chiller products before it can be counted as a real and overall strength of chiller production The supplier is counted as the chiller manufacturer that should be purchased and negotiated.

7. Each chiller can be customized: customization is another requirement of the chiller application customer to the chiller manufacturer, and it is also a very important requirement. The chiller manufacturer must be able to order it according to the specific requirements of the customer. The production of chillers with different output powers is a primary condition for considering whether a chiller manufacturer has the overall strength and whether it has a very good user experience.

8. Careful and meticulous process: Refers to the process of purchasing the chiller by the chiller manufacturer more carefully and conscientiously. You can first learn about the chiller manufacturer's products through Internet technology and telephone, and go through all aspects of the main The approximate price of the parameters is obtained, and the necessary chillers of the enterprise are finally established after the on-site survey, which can reduce the original investment project of the enterprise.

9. High-quality product quality and after-sales service: A good chiller manufacturer must be able to provide customers with quality assurance and after-sales service, so that customers can buy comfortably, and customers can feel at ease after purchasing goods. Product quality, and after product quality problems occur, there is no need to worry, and they can be dealt with and responded immediately.

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