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KRY series water chiller for new energy vehicle quality test

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The new energy vehicle powertrain test bench can be directly connected to the power output end of the electric drive assembly through the half-shaft. The front end is equipped with high-precision torque sensor and speed sensor to provide high-precision measurement data in the industry. The tested object is the integrated structure of motor and reducer (including differential). The installation of special chillers for new energy testing is an important link before operation, and the quality of installation is directly related to the operation and operation status.

If a semi-closed or totally closed compressor is used for the special chiller for new energy testing, an oil separator shall be installed, and an appropriate amount of oil shall be filled in the installed oil separator. When the evaporation temperature is lower than – 15 ℃, a gas-liquid separator shall be installed and an appropriate amount of refrigerant oil shall be filled. Secondly, the compressor base should be installed with damping rubber base. Maintenance space shall be reserved for the equipment to facilitate observation of the adjustment of instruments and valves.

The special water chiller for new energy vehicle quality test is also called liquid cooling process test cold and hot management system

The cold and heat management system for liquid cooling process test is mainly used to simulate the reliability test of high and low temperature, mainly for the drive motor test and battery pack test of new energy vehicles, and to simulate the actual working conditions. The test of environmental adaptability and reliability during the transportation and storage of electronic technology products has been widely used in aerospace, electric equipment, chip packaging, electronics, rail transit, national defense, scientific research and other fields.

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