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The importance of constant temperature equipment in oil bath heating systems

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The constant temperature equipment of the oil bath heating system is used for dynamic temperature control of fluid cooling and heating with heat conducting medium, which is applied to high-precision industries such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals and semiconductors, and helps customers complete temperature control of the process. It is equipped with biochemical experimental equipment such as reactors, distillation, evaporators, and Rotary evaporator to control the cooling and heating of heat conducting medium or reaction materials.

The power switch of the transformer cooling system control box for the constant temperature equipment of the oil bath heating system adopts a dual power automatic switching device. Its main function is to automatically switch between the main and backup working power supplies. When a common power supply failure occurs, it automatically switches to the backup power supply. When both power supplies are normal, the common power supply is working and the backup power supply is in standby mode.

The programmable controller (PLC) is the control of the execution part of the air cooler control device, which receives various status signals from the transformer to control the execution part.? When the transformer of the oil bath heating constant temperature system is put into operation, the main cooler is put into operation, that is, the working group cooler is running. The auxiliary cooler is controlled based on the oil surface temperature, winding temperature, load signal, etc. of the transformer, and can be started as follows.

The power of the entire system of the constant temperature equipment in the oil bath heating system is provided by the compressor. The compressor is equivalent to moving a physical object from a low potential position to a high potential position. In the system, its purpose is to compress low-temperature gas into high-temperature gas through the compressor, and then the gas exchanges heat with other media in the heat exchanger. So the quality of the compressor will directly affect the refrigeration effect of the entire oil bath heating constant temperature system.

The function of the constant temperature equipment condenser in the oil bath heating system is to cool the high-temperature and high-pressure refrigerant superheated steam discharged by the compressor into a liquid or gas-liquid mixture. The heat released by the refrigerant in the condenser is carried away by the cooling medium (water or air), and the liquid low-temperature refrigerant is easily evaporated at low pressure, converted into steam, and absorbs the heat of the cooled medium to achieve refrigeration purposes.

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