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Operation and maintenance of chiller cooling system for alternating high and low temperature tests

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The operation method of the chiller cooling system for alternating high and low temperature tests:

1. Confirm whether the state of the relevant valves in the unit meets the start-up requirements.
2. Supply power to the electrical control device of the unit, and turn on the power switch to make the power control indicator light.
3. Start the cooling water pump, cooling tower fan and refrigerant water pump, you should be able to see the operation indicator lights of the three are on.
4. Check whether the lubricating oil temperature has reached. If not, the electric heater should be turned on for heating, and the oil pump can be started at the same time, so that the circulating temperature of the lubricating oil will evenly rise.
5. After the oil pump starts to run, put the energy adjustment control valve in the load reduction position, and make sure that the spool valve is in the zero position.
6. Close the solenoid valve control circuit in the liquid supply pipeline and start the solenoid valve. Supply liquid refrigerant to the evaporator, place the energy adjustment device at the loading position, and increase the load step by step over time.
7. After the compressor is running, when the lubricating oil temperature reaches the power supply of the electric heater, open the inlet and outlet valves of the cooling water of the oil cooler at the same time, so that the oil temperature is controlled within the range when the compressor is running.
8. High and low temperature alternate test cooling system chiller start-up inspection. After the unit is started and put into operation, pay attention to the following inspections to ensure that the unit is running.

High and low temperature alternate test cooling system chiller maintenance:

High and low temperature alternate test cooling system chiller main content of maintenance, including daily maintenance and regular overhaul. Regular maintenance can ensure long-term normal operation of the unit, prolong the service life of the unit, and also save cooling energy consumption. For the high and low temperature alternating test cooling system chiller, there should be operating records, record the operation of the unit, and establish maintenance technical files.

1. Compressor
Compressor is a very critical component in the unit. The quality of the compressor is directly related to the stability of the unit. If the compressor fails, because the screw compressor requires high installation accuracy, it is generally necessary to ask the manufacturer to repair it.
2. Cleaning of condenser and evaporator
Since the cooling water of the water-cooled condenser is an open circulating water circuit, the tap water generally used is recycled through the cooling tower. When the content of calcium salt and magnesium salt in the water is large, it is easy to decompose and deposit on the cooling water pipe to form scale, which affects heat transfer.
3, replace the lubricating oil
After long-term use of the unit, the oil quality of the lubricating oil deteriorates, and the impurities and moisture inside the oil increase, so the oil quality should be regularly observed and checked. Once a problem is found, it should be replaced in time, and the lubricant brand to be replaced must conform to the technical data.
4. Replacement of filter drier
Dry filter is an important part to ensure the normal circulation of refrigerant. Since water and refrigerant are incompatible with each other, if the system contains water, it will greatly affect the operating efficiency of the unit. Therefore, it is very important to keep the system dry. The filter element inside the dryer filter must be replaced regularly.
5. Refrigerant charging
If there is no other special reason, the general unit will not produce a large amount of leakage. If due to improper use or after maintenance, a certain amount of refrigerant leaks. You need to add refrigerant again. When charging refrigerant, pay attention to the brand of refrigerant used by the unit.

If the user has other problems using the high and low temperature alternate test cooling system chiller, you can contact our Wuxi Guanya LNEYA to solve it.

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