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Beginning with Refrigeration, Heating and Temperature Control System Product Diversification Develo

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Wuxi Guanya Refrigeration technology co., ltd was founded in 2006. It set up a refrigeration and heating equipment studio. In 2007, it launched the first generation refrigeration and heating cycle, registered the trademark “LNEYA”. In 2008, it launched the first generation refrigeration and heating dynamic temperature control system… After 13 years of continuous development, by virtue of the quality and good reputation of refrigeration, heating and temperature control products, Wuxi Guanya keeps growing and gaining recognition from famous people in pharmaceutical and chemical industries. With the increasing number of customers, many customers continue to introduce customers from other industries to us. Refrigeration heating and temperature control system also meets the needs of the market and extends to the new energy battery industry and chip testing industry. It develops refrigeration heating and temperature control system from a single industry to a diversified industry. After 13 years of baptism, Wuxi Guanya has grown into a professional company dedicated to research and development and production of refrigeration, heating cooling circulator, cryogenic refrigerator, new energy battery/motor temperature control system, VOCs gas condensation recovery device, heating and cooling circulator, heating and circulation system, explosion-proof electrical equipment, test equipment, and scientific and technological entities for R&D, production and sales of industrial refrigeration rooms.

Work results: customer first, and quality first

Product quality is the foundation of the survival and development of enterprises. Without quality assurance, enterprises can not develop in the long run. Wuxi Guanya has always been adhering to the mission of “focusing on solving customers’problems of wide temperature refrigeration, heating and temperature control and reducing energy consumption of refrigeration and heating systems”; providing competitive system solutions and services, and continuously creating greater value for customers” We maintain a down-to-earth attitude of doing business, put product quality in the first place, penetrate into the hearts of customers, and get the recognition of customers. Of course, after-sales service industry is also very important. Wuxi Guanya promises customers that all kinds of instruments and equipment will provide after-sales service during the warranty period. After receiving the customer’s after-sales consultation telephone, we guarantee to give the customer a satisfactory reply as soon as possible.

Wuxi Guanya: Professional Manufacturing, and Expert Quality

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