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How to Select and Match Chillers?

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In fact, a die is a heat exchanger. Heat is transferred from melted plastic to the die, and then from the die to the circulating cooling medium – ice water. Only a small part of the heat is transferred into the air and the pressure template of the injection molding machine. It is well known that a considerable part of the plastic forming cycle is used for cooling, sometimes accounting for more than 80% of the plastic forming cycle, so it is absolutely necessary to minimize the cooling time.
For example, a set of moulds usually takes 20 seconds to form. If the water from the original cooling tower is cooled by the ice water generated by the water cooler, it can be reduced to 16 seconds. Although the initial choice of water chiller is more expensive, it can increase production by 20%. In the long-term production, it can achieve great benefits.

So, how to choose the ice-water energy? From the above, we can see that it is related to the specific heat capacity of the forming material, the temperature of the melt glue, the weight and the temperature of the product demoulding.
Generally, when the injection moulds are cooled and the pressure of ice water is 0.1-0.2 Mpa, the requirement can be met, while the full-function chiller of micro-computer meets the requirement. When the pressure requirement is higher than 0.2Mpa, it is necessary to plan separately in order to use the pump with corresponding pressure to meet the need of water supply in the system.
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