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High and low temperature hot and cold water cooling machine for battery motor test

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LNEYA high and low temperature cold and heat integrated water cooler is used in battery thermal management of new energy electric vehicles. The following is the relevant principle applied in thermal management.

The high and low temperature cold and heat integrated water cooler adjusts the temperature of the battery to maintain the temperature range in which the battery is suitable for operation; and reduces the difference between the higher temperature and the lower temperature in the battery pack. The high-low temperature cold-heating integrated water-cooling machine is a hot research direction of current power battery thermal management. The heat capacity of the cooling liquid is large and the excess heat of the battery system can be taken away by circulation, thereby realizing the better working temperature condition of the battery pack.

The high-low temperature cold-heat integrated water cooler is designed to transfer the excess heat of the power battery during charging and discharging, keep the battery working in an appropriate range, and the temperature difference between the batteries in different positions cannot be too large. In this way, the aging speed of the battery can be slowed down, and the degree of differentiation between different cells can be slowed down. The high-low temperature hot and cold integrated water cooling machine solution involves three measures: cooling of the battery pack, low temperature preheating of the battery pack, and heat preservation of the battery pack.

The high and low temperature cold and hot integrated water cooling machine is mainly realized by circulating low temperature coolant. If the required heat dissipation power is relatively small, since the coolant itself has a relatively large heat capacity, it is not necessary to start the cycle process, and the set temperature range requirement can be satisfied. There are two main types of battery pack cooling, direct cooling and indirect cooling. Direct cooling means that the cooling medium flows directly from the surface of the cell and removes excess heat. Indirect cooling means that the cooling medium flows through the flow path of the pipe and the radiator, and the radiator contacts the cell to transfer the heat of the cell to the cooling. medium.

Originally, the compressor can have a heating function, but its low-temperature heating effect is not good, and the power consumption is relatively large, which has a great influence on the battery life of the power battery; meanwhile, the battery pack discharge power is in a low temperature environment. It is too low or simply lower than the lower discharge temperature and cannot be discharged. Therefore, the preheating process before the start of the vehicle is designed in the thermal management strategy.

In the thermal management of electric vehicle batteries, the parameter performance of the high-low temperature cold-heat integrated water-cooling machine is also critical, requiring customers to carefully choose according to their own working conditions, to avoid the cost increase caused by improper selection.

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