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16. – 18. June 2020 | The Automotive Testing Expo Europe-LNEYA

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The Automotive Testing Expo Europe is a trade fair for automotive test, evaluation and quality engineering. It is one of the most important event of its kind in Europe.

The fair widtmet the latest technologies and services to improve quality, safety, reliability and durability of vehicles. The Expo  will take place on 3 days from Tuesday, 16 June to Thursday, 18 June 2020 in Messe Stutgart Germany.

LNEYA (China Wuxi Guanya Refrigeration) will be the exhibitor to go abroad to participate in the ceremony, booth number: 1270.

LNEYA specializes in the development and production of industrial chillers, industrial freezers, TCUs, ultra-low temperature chillers and new energy semiconductor refrigeration and heating circulators. Our products ensure precise temperature control in the semiconductor industry, chemical/pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology industry, research/laboratory and electric vehicle battery motor testing. Our products offer temperature cycling from -152 to +350.

The cooling and heating circulator equipment displayed at this exhibition is a typical model of LNEYA’s star product KRY series, as shown below:

KRY high and low temperature testing machine, the product can not only control the temperature, but also control the flow and pressure. The temperature control range of the product is -40 degrees to 135 degrees, and the antifreeze flow control range is 2~20L/min. The product provides temperature test of antifreeze and electric flow and pressure control of antifreeze for electric motor motor and battery pack. The product can be tested in high and low temperature environment such as battery pack, and provides high temperature, low temperature, control flow, pressure and other requirements for the battery pack; it can also provide high temperature test for motor, antifreeze system for low temperature test, can do hot and cold impact testing.

KRY operating principle: The object to be tested is connected to a test platform adapter, and the inside of the part is cooled and heated by an aqueous solution of ethylene glycol. Test components need to undergo a specific temperature profile, KRY refrigeration heating circulator can record changes in temperature, the temperature range is usually from -40 to 100 (expandable to 150), when performing tolerance tests, usually It will loop indefinitely.

LNEYA is waiting for your visit at booth 1270 in Stuttgart, Germany. For the KRY series, the power-on mode and detailed parameters can be found at +86-13912479193 or by email at

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