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High-quality professional equipment helps the laboratory to produce endless results

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In recent years, China’s economy has continued to grow. Under the development opportunity of professional high and low temperature integrated machines, laboratory scientific and technological achievements are also in sustainable development. LNEYA has launched a cooling and heating dynamic temperature control system for laboratory R&D and temperature control. The low temperature integrated machine provides an indispensable precision temperature control device for the development of the laboratory.

At present, the development of the laboratory is constantly advancing for social and economic development. LNEYA’s high and low temperature integrated machine is constantly innovating and developing on the basis of the original. The professional high and low temperature integrated machine adopts a fully closed pipeline design and adopts a high efficiency plate heat exchanger. When the demand for thermal fluid is reduced, the heat utilization rate of the system is increased to achieve a rapid rise and fall temperature. The heat-conducting medium is in a closed system with an expansion container. The heat-conducting medium in the expansion container does not participate in the circulation. Whether it is high temperature or low temperature, the temperature of the expansion tank is normal temperature to 60 degrees, which can reduce the absorption and evaporation of the heat-conducting medium during operation. risk.

LNEYA always keeps in mind the mission, and advances with science. It focuses on solving the problem of wide temperature refrigeration and heating temperature control and reducing the energy consumption of refrigeration heating system. It has become an irreplaceable backbone in solving the refrigeration and temperature control of laboratory equipment. High and low temperature integrated machine promotes the development of temperature control equipment in a number of laboratory temperature control fields, and continuously promotes the development and production of temperature control equipment such as temperature control equipment for multiple reactors, glycol refrigeration and temperature control units, etc., not limited to a single Products, help the laboratory’s new results frequently appear to help the laboratory’s results.

In the era of great development in the face science era, the level of laboratory equipment is related to the overall research level. LNEYA’s professional high and low temperature integrated machine has its own strict requirements in performance and design, striving to achieve innovation drive, leapfrog development and quality improvement. Efficient and timely and efficient delivery of quality services to domestic laboratories, will survive by quality, service and development into every work link.

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