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Approaching LNEYA 5 Main Products

Industrial Chiller:Industrial Chiller varies from dynamic temp. control systems, heating and cooling machine, water/air cooled chiller and heating circulator.Dynamic temp. control systems.All the industrial chiller differ sometimes considerably in their thermodynamic characteristics in comparison to other thermal control system.In practice dynamic temperature control systems offer definite advantages in your work: noticeably shorter heating and cooling times,better stability and reproducibility through the entire process chain,greater safety for expensive glass reactors and the contained substances, together with simple and easy operation.

Special Chiller:Special Chiller consist of Multi-reactor chiller (TCU),Recirculating air control system and Ultra-low temp. water-cooled chiller.Multi-reactor chiller(TCU) can centrally control 2~20 reactor. Each reactor’s and jacket temperature can be set independently. One system control multiple reactors of target temperature is realized.The

recirculating air control system is widely used in semiconductor equipment high&low temp. Test Cold or heat source for electronic equipment high&low temp. test.Ultra-low temp. water-cooled chiller range from -5℃~ -150℃,safe, reliable, rapid cooling for the liquid, widely used in petrochemical, medical, pharmaceutical, biochemical and freeze-dried, military and other high-tech industries.

Environmental Chamber:The test object is connected to a testing adapter. Components cooling and heating test is conducted by ethylene glycol aqueous. The whole component is in the environment storehouse which offers a high or low temp. environment. The testing of components will have a specific temperature change. Temp. Range is usually from -40℃to 150℃. Tolerance tests are usually carried out in an infinite loop.

Industrial Freezer:Industrial freezer consist of industrial cryogenic refrigerator, ultra-low temp. freezer and plate freezer. Industrial cryogenic refrigerator is mainly used in industrial refrigerating treatment, so that the matrix of the metal structure to generate a uniform, fine and dispersed precipitation. The precipitation of carbide will improve the abrasion resistance, friction performance and increase hardness of metal.  The carbide is the ideal alternative to liquid nitrogen. Ultra-low temp. Freezer is mainly used for scientific research, special materials of low temperature test and preservation; freezing of red blood cells, white blood cells, skin, bacteria, semen, biological products, ocean products and electronic components; special glue, special materials low temperature preservation and test.Plate freezer is applied to all kinds of laptop, mobile phone touch screen degumming, quick-frozen of blood plasma and blood, food quick-frozen and sizing, continuous low-temp. testing of the blade and steel strip.

Thermostatic Bath:Thermostatic bath contains cooling and heating thermostatic bath and low temperature thermostatic bath. Cooling and heating thermostatic bath is widely applied to the field of bi-engineer, medicine, food, chemical industry, metallurgy and petroleum, offering ideal constant temperature Equipment for the research institute, high-education institute, quality Control department and lab of the factory. Low temperature thermostatic bath is widely used in petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical, bioengineering, life science, Light industry and food,Industry, sample testing and so on, provide a high-precision constant temperature liquid environment.

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    Approaching LNEYA 5 Main Products

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