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Characteristic Analysis of Air Cooled Industrial Chiller

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Industrial air-cooled chillers are generally integral machines, that is, evaporator, compressor and condenser are made together. For a slightly high-power air-cooled industrial chiller, the heat dissipation of the condenser cooling fan needs to be considered. Since the heat exchange source of air-cooled chiller is air and equipped with special fan, it is called “air-cooled chiller”. It is widely used in medical, biological, chemical, laser, metallurgy, equipment manufacturing, electroplating, plastic processing and other industries.

Working principle of air-cooled industrial chiller: different from the traditional water-cooled chiller, the air-cooled chiller does not need the cooling capacity brought by the cooling tower, so it avoids more investment, and is easy to install and manage. Casters are equipped at the bottom of the chiller, which can be moved to cycle between different working areas. This saves a lot of unnecessary fixed investment, and cold water can be discharged directly by connecting power supply and water pipe. According to the design requirements, the outlet water temperature is generally 2 , 0 , -5 and -15 . When the temperature is below zero, the refrigerant needs to be mixed for heat exchange. The commonly used refrigerant is ethylene glycol.

Similar to the conventional chiller, the air-cooled chiller also has a fixed refrigeration cycle route. The principle is to use the inverse Carnot effect, which is similar to the current household air conditioner, but the system structure of the refrigeration loop is improved, so the cop (energy efficiency ratio) is often very high.

Characteristics of air-cooled industrial chiller:

1. All pipelines are of thermal insulation design to prevent local convection of machine pipelines.

2. Cooling temperature range: 5 ~ 35 .

3. The independent temperature controller has anti freezing protection.

4. Stainless steel insulated water tank.

5. Control line phase sequence protection and high and low voltage switch control of refrigerant system.

6. Hydrophilic optical fin condenser has better heat transfer effect and faster heat dissipation.

7. The compressor and pump are provided with overload protection.

8. The shell and tube evaporator with large capacity is adopted, which has good refrigeration effect and can be applied to the environment with high temperature.

9. R404A refrigerant is used, with good refrigeration effect.

10. R507C environment-friendly refrigerant is optional.

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