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What are the influencing factors of the industrial refrigerator with minus 200 degrees?

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In order to better use the industrial refrigerator with a temperature of minus 200 degrees, you need to understand some influencing factors and how to avoid it.

The oil temperature will have an important effect on the viscosity of the industrial refrigerator with a temperature of minus 200 degrees. If the oil temperature is too low, the viscosity of the oil will increase, the fluidity will decrease, and it will not easily form a uniform oil film, so the expected lubrication effect cannot be achieved. It will also cause the flow speed of the oil to decrease, the lubrication amount to decrease, and the power consumption of the oil pump to increase; if the oil temperature is too high, the viscosity of the oil will decrease, and the oil film will not reach a certain thickness, so that the running parts are difficult to withstand the necessary working pressure. The deterioration of the lubrication condition and the intensification of the wear of the moving parts caused the failure of the -200 degree industrial refrigerator.

It is the guarantee that the industrial refrigerator oil of minus 200 degrees is driven by the oil pump and needs to overcome the flow resistance in the oil system pipeline to each working part. Without sufficient oil pressure difference, there is no guarantee that the lubrication system has sufficient lubrication and cooling oil and the power required to drive the energy regulating device. Therefore, the oil pressure difference of the industrial temperature of the minus 200 degree industrial refrigerator must be within a reasonable range. In order to fully lubricate and cool the moving parts of the unit, the energy adjustment device can be flexibly operated.

The height of the refrigerator oil level refers to the liquid level of the lubricating oil in the oil storage container. The oil storage container is provided with an oil level display device. Generally, the oil level in the oil storage container should be located at the lower position of the horizontal line of the mirror. The purpose of specifying the height of the oil level is to ensure that the amount of oil required to form the oil circulation is sufficient when the pump is in operation. If the oil level is too low, it may cause the pump to be insufficient, causing malfunction or damage to the equipment.

Try to avoid some operational errors in use, resulting in unavailability, but also need to understand the influencing factors.

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