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Ultra-low temperature freezing manufacturer analyzes the cause of blockage in refrigeration system

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With the continuous development of technology, ultra-low temperature refrigeration technology is also constantly developing, and manufacturers are also increasing. Of course, the technology of different manufacturers is different. Once the refrigeration system is blocked, it needs to be solved in time.

If the refrigeration system of the ultra-low temperature freezer is clogged, it is necessary to understand that the formation of the clogging fault in the refrigeration system is caused by excessive impurities in the refrigeration system. The impurities in the refrigeration system of the ultra-low temperature freezer are derived from dust and metal chips in the manufacturing process. When the inner wall surface of the oxide layer falls off; the inner and outer surfaces of the parts are not cleaned during the processing; the pipeline is not tightly sealed and dust enters the tube, and the refrigerator oil and the refrigerant contain impurities.

The clogging of the refrigeration system has a certain influence on the ultra-low temperature freezer, which causes the refrigerant to be unable to circulate, the compressor is continuously operated, the evaporator is not cold, the condenser is not hot, the compressor casing is not hot, and there is no airflow sound in the evaporator. The evaporator has a cold or cold feel, but it does not frost. When you touch the outer surface of the filter and capillary, it feels cool, has frost, and even forms a layer of hoarfrost.

If the cryogenic refrigerator refrigeration system is clogged, it is recommended to use a drying oven to heat and dry the components. The compressor, condenser, evaporator, capillary, and return air hose in the refrigerant system are removed from the refrigerator and placed in a drying oven. The inside is heated and dried, the temperature in the box is about 120 ° C, and the drying time is 4 hours. After being naturally cooled, the air is blown and dried one by one with nitrogen. Replace the new desiccant filter and then assemble and weld, pressurize and leak, vacuum, fill the refrigerant, test run and seal.

The ultra-low temperature freezer also uses a heating vacuum and a secondary vacuum to remove moisture from various components of the refrigeration system. The high-pressure nitrogen gas was used to blow out the dirt in the capillary tube, and the process tube was cut and the liquid was drained. After the capillary tube was unblocked, 100 ml of carbon tetrachloride was added for aeration cleaning. The cleaning of the condenser can be carried out with carbon tetrachloride on the pipe cleaning device. Then replace the dry filter, and then add nitrogen to leak, vacuum, and fill the refrigerant.

Wuxi Guanya LNEYA ultra-low temperature refrigeration technology manufacturers refrigeration technology using single-machine self-cascade refrigeration technology, its configuration also uses brand accessories configuration, so that the operation of ultra-low temperature freezer keeps running smoothly.

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