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Refrigeration heating circulator list resonance fault description

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Refrigeration heating circulator leaderboard works:

When the temperature of the reactor, reactor, rotary evaporator, extraction equipment, etc. of the refrigeration heating circulator needs to be rapidly increased or lowered, the equipment can quickly reach the set temperature.

LNEYA’s refrigeration and heating circulator list adopts a fully enclosed circulation system to avoid high temperature oil mist odor and low temperature absorption of moisture, which ensures that the working environment will not have a pungent odor, and also avoids the heat transfer medium absorbing moisture. Viscous adhesion to the reactor wall results in poor heat transfer. The heating and cooling of the equipment can be quickly converted, and the medium used (heat-conducting oil) is the same medium, which improves the disadvantages of the two different instruments required for heating and cooling.

Fixing parts of the cooling and heating circulator list cause resonance reasons:

The professional manufacturer of the refrigeration and heating circulator list tells the enterprise that if the resonance is encountered, the cement foundation may be too light or the grouting is poor or the plane size is too small, causing the fan foundation to be out of contact with the foundation, the anchor bolts are loose, and the base connection is not strong. The foundation stiffness is not enough or the stiffness of the fan base or the volute is too low, the inlet and outlet pipes connected to the fan are unsupported and softly connected, the adjacent facilities are too close to the foundation of the fan, or the stiffness is too small. In general, professional high and low temperature manufacturers recommend that you can reinforce the foundation or re-grout, tighten the nut, strengthen its stiffness or add support and soft joints, and even increase the stiffness.

In fact, reliable manufacturers on the cooling and heating cycler list can provide good quality and reduce the occurrence of faults.

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