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Advantages of LNEYA heat transfer oil heater

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The heat transfer oil electric heater is a new type of thermal energy conversion device that uses electricity as the energy source and heat transfer oil as the heat transfer medium. It can provide circulating heat transfer oil of circulating pump to carry out repeated heating to reach the required heating temperature, to achieve the required temperature control process and high precision temperature control precision. Compared with traditional coal, diesel and gas boilers, heat transfer oil heaters have obvious advantages.

The brand temperature control instrument is adopted, and the PID self-tuning intelligent temperature control technology is used to accurately control the temperature range used. The heating main power source is controlled by thyristor to adapt to frequent switching.

The equipment is small in size and low in transportation cost. Because of its small footprint, it can be installed with short distances of heating equipment, saving installation cost and energy consumption of pipeline heat dissipation, and excess cost of pipeline heat transfer oil. Safety is because the system only bears pump pressure, heat transfer oil. The heating system is less dangerous to explode and therefore safer. The electric heating and heat transfer oil furnace is electric energy. There is no environmental protection problem of the traditional boiler, and it will not be bound by environmental protection regulations.

Energy-saving, recycling, energy consumption is only part of the equipment absorption, no water treatment equipment and no steam boilers run, run, drip, leak and other heat losses, high heat utilization, compared with steam boilers, energy saving 50 %about.

The advantages of the heat transfer oil heater are as shown above. It is recommended that the user pay attention to the performance of the heat transfer oil heater when selecting the heat transfer oil heater and make a suitable choice.

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