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Organic waste gas recovery unit refrigeration oil requirements description

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The organic waste gas recovery device is slightly different for different gases. The LNEYA organic waste gas recovery device and the vocs gas condensation recovery device are operated by the principles of condensation and adsorption. The refrigeration oil is also important, then the refrigeration oil has What is the requirement?

The cloud point of the frozen oil of the organic waste gas recovery device refers to the temperature at which the paraffin is precipitated in the frozen oil and the lubricating oil becomes turbid when the temperature is lowered to a certain value. The cloud point of the refrigeration oil used in the device should be lower than the evaporation temperature of the refrigerant, otherwise it will cause the throttle valve to block or affect the heat transfer performance.

The temperature at which the frozen oil is cooled under experimental conditions to stop flowing is referred to as the freezing point. The freezing point of the frozen oil used in the organic waste gas recovery device should be as low as possible (such as R22 compressor, the refrigeration oil should be below -55 °C), otherwise it will affect the flow of the refrigerant and increase the flow resistance, resulting in poor heat transfer. as a result of.

An important parameter in the characteristics of the oil viscosity of the refrigerating oil. Different refrigerants should be used to select different refrigerating oils. If the viscosity of the frozen oil is too large, the mechanical friction power, friction heat and starting torque will increase. On the other hand, if the viscosity is too small, the desired oil film cannot be formed between the moving parts, so that the desired lubrication and cooling effect cannot be achieved.

The flash point of a frozen oil is the temperature at which the lubricating oil is heated to the point where it is ignited when it comes into contact with the flame. The flash point of the frozen oil used in the organic waste gas recovery device must be 15 to 30 ° C higher than the exhaust gas temperature to avoid burning and coking of the lubricating oil. Organic waste gas recovery devices such as chemical stability and oxidation resistance, moisture and mechanical impurities, and insulation properties.

As far as the current environmental protection trend is concerned, if the company has organic waste gas, it is recommended to buy an organic waste gas recovery device for gas treatment as soon as possible to avoid troubles.

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